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Simply Horses
Tips and Your Questions


Experience is the best teacher...

On this page I'll include some of my tips and tricks I've learned while working with horses. Where appropriate, I'll include steps or pictures to help clarify my explanations.

Please feel free to contribute your own tips - I'll post the best ones so everyone can see them.


Tip 1: Mud Fever Prevention

I always dreaded turning our horses out in the winter as our fields always got so muddy and water logged. My friends and I visited a tack shop for some ideas and were terrified when we see the price of the cream. Sarah Reid, my friend and co-worker, had a pony called Robin on loan at the time and the woman she had him on loan from used told Baby Nappy Rash cream on Robin. It is very similar to the brands in the tack shop as it is grease based, thus being water proof. She suggested putting it on very liberaly and that when we brought the horses in we were not to instantly wash all the mud off. Leave it to dry and then groom it off. Needless to say, none of our horses got the dreaded mud fever that year.

List of Tips

Tip 1:Prevent that Mud Fever
Tip 2:
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