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Simply Horses
About Me

My Stats

Gemma Newbitt

Name: Gemma Tracey Newbitt
Age: 20
Height: 5ft 4ins
Clothes Size: 14
Hair Colour/Length: Brown/Short
Eye Colour: Hazle
Star Sign: Cancer (17/07/81)
Likes: horses, cats, drinking vast amounts of alcohol, badminton,travelling
Dislikes:spiders, rude people, heights, blue cheese

My Background

I started riding almost 11 years ago when I was 9. My best friend at the time, Laura Carroll, and I pestered our parents to give us riding lessons. When they finally gave in, they started us riding in the depths of the UK winter, hoping it was just a fad and we would be put off by the cold weather. On no!

Eventually, I left school and went on to do a training course at Hill Farm Equestrian Training Centre to train for my British Horse Society Stage 1 and NVQ's 2 and 3. I learnt so much there and met so many wonderful people and horses.

I then went on to work in Kent as a Livery Groom at Idleigh Court Stables. There I got the chance to work with hunters and race horses, which was a great experience.

I have had many horses to look after over the years, all different, and I have learnt alot.


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