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Simply Horses

Welcome to Simply Horses

Welcome to Simply Horses. Everyone always wants to learn more about horses and who better to learn from than other like minded people. I have designed this site so that we can share all our experiences with everyone. Send me anything you want that you think will be of use on this site and I will publish it here. Do you write short stories or poetry? Good/Bad experiences with your horse/pony? A question you want answering? Photos you would like people to see? News from your part of the world on horse issues? Then send it and I will publish it. I will add pages when they are needed. Check my Update Page for what's to come. Enjoy!

Horses Horses Horses. Do you like riding? Do you enjoy being around horses? Then this is the site for you. For years people have used the horse for a number of things. They were used for hunting by indians, for pulling carriages, they were the olden time car, and now in the modern age we use them for show jumping, for pleasure rides. The fact is that the horses role in life has changed alot over the years, for the better. Don't you just love them!

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