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Simply Horses
Updates To Come

Coming Soon

As this site is pretty new there are still alot of things I want to add but I can't do it all at once. I will keep you all updated on new pages that are going to be added. If you have an idea for a new page, let me know. All the help counts.

Poetry and Short Stories Page- I love writing short stories and poetry and will publish some of them here. I will also include any of your material too.

Breeds Page- We all have our favourite breeds. This page will detail favorite breeds so we can all learn about them. If you have a favouite breed, email me and I will include it, along with a detailed description and any other information I feel relevant to that breed.

Your Photos- Want people to see you photos? Then send them and I will put them here, with any description or story you want to add.

Recent Updates

13/01/02 After lots of hard work and time, the web site is finally up and running
14/01/02 Added some recent news on News and Views page. Added animation to Tips and Questions page.


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