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Welcome to the home of Sarah(Longwood Arab/Welsh Breeder)#484455

This is dedicated to my account on the Horse Land game. As you might be able to tell, I breed and sell Welsh and Arab horses. I'm mainly into buying top point mares until I can get my premi account so I can train a top point stallion as I don't see the point in paying HUGE bucks for a stallion when you can breed to 1 for a fraction of the price. all the horses here I 'own' at the moment and some are for sale, so if yo play the horse land game come to my account. I usually have some gorgeous ones for sale.

Being just a game I cannot believe the lenghts people go to to con money and horses off of people. I answerd a messege in the TALK section of HL from someone who said they would do my page for free. I am very trusting and believed that this person was ok. After giving her my log in details she hacked me and stole all my money, plus some horses. Thankfully, this hacker was not as bright as I thought and I managed to save all my best horses, apart from my gelding who I had retired to my paddock. She stole him and retired him to the pasture, where I couldn't get him back.

Lots of people sell the HL secrets for HUGE amount. I am yet to find any that really work. Don't pay for them. Click on the link below to take you to a page full of them.


I can find lots of gorgeous pictures of horses, so if you need any for your HL horses, let me know and I will find you 1. Do you want to put your own horse pics on but haven't got a web site? Send me the pic and I will put it on my web site for you, then you can get the URL from this site or I'll tell the URL.

Do you want to let everyone know about your HL horses? Send me an email with horse info and your account number and I will do you a page that everyone can see. I want to get a HL Club set up, so the more the merrier!


This is Longwood Defunia Dancer. She is one of my top Pure Arabs. As you can see, she is pretty gorgeous. I have breed a beautiful colt from her, Dark Eyes. She's only 8 so hopefully she will have a few more soon.

State Of Pretension

This is the one of the new additions to Longwood. She is a 9 year old and has 3420 points. She is due for a foal in two weeks by Farid, so if you are in HL and in want of a good colt or filly, then check my account in 2 weeks. The foals are usually born with 1000+ points and for sale at $2000. They are always gorgeous, so come check them out.


This is Longwood Desire. She is another one of my top Pure Arab mares. She's 15, so getting on abit now, but she still produces great foals. Recently she had a gorgeous Colt, Black Boy, who I have for sale at the moment. He has 997 points, so if you are in the HL game, come and buy him. He's up for $10,000 but I will take all reasonable offers to a good home.


This is another of my top mares, Longwood Europia Madam. I haven't had her long but she has had 1 foal before. Her first Longwood foal is due in 3 weeks.


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