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These are some cool links I use quite alot. Some I use for HL and some are just realy cool. Check em out!!!

I just had to include this link. Our favorite horse rpg on the web, hey!!!! Click the link to got to HorseLand

Click Here for HL

This site offers cool animated gifs for free. I think its pretty good. 

Click here for MikesFree Gifs

Do you need a guest book or counter or your page. this link to Bravenet will give you a really easy way to put one on your page. The site is experiencing some difficulties at the moment but it won't be long until the site is up and running again.

Click here for BraveNet

Do you want to design your own cool web site like this for free? Tripod offers a excellent and easy to use web site building tool, even the very basic PC user can design and publish a cool website.

Click here for Tripod

I know HL have now changed the way you put pictures on your horses details but this doesnt help whaen you want to put the pics on your homepage. AOL Hometown will enable you to upload your pics from you PC, then you can still link by using HTML so that the pics will show up on your homepage. You don't need to have AOL, just sign up or a screen name and it's free.

Click here for AOL Hometown

This cool application I downloaded is awsome. It changes your cursor to all different things. It also includes a application to skin you browser and that's cool too. All you have to do is download the software. It doesn't use much disk space(very small in fact) and dosn't take long to download.

Click here For CometCursor

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