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What's To Come Soon

As this a very new site I still have so much I want to add. Check here to see the cool bits I will add soon to make this ite even better 


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  • Stud and Mare Charts- this easy to use HTML will make viewing you horses on your page easier for visitors. You can edit the HTML to please any variation, including For Sale horses, training charts and more. I will give a detailed desritption on how to edit it to your like and also how to add a link to the horse fromthe name on the chart.

  • Frame pages-Have you seen those pages that changes the whole look of your HL page, making it divide into sections and an easier to read layout? Well I will tell you how  to create this on your page.

  • Personalized Pictures-now HL have made it easier for us personalizers to create cool personalized photos without having to upload to a web site I am going to offer a service for picture personalizing. The details and rates will be decided soon(I only accept HL money for these services). I will add examples of the pictures I have created for my horses.

  • HL Fan Page- I was hoping to set up a whole web site for us avid HL followers but at the moment just doing this site has taken up all my time. It will eventually be up and running with some awsome pages but until then I will set up a page in this site. It will include HL Horse Of the Month, contests for HL, HL Player Of The Month(which will include a brief description of you stables and about you with a link to your HL page), adverts for horses and a top stud chart)

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