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What's New?

Well, as this is a totally new page there is still so much to do. As new things are added I will post them here. Remember, if you have any HTML you are willing to share with others don't hesitate in sending them to me by email. Read my contact page for more details.

The basic HTML you will need to start your hompage design. Includes all the details and instructions of how to use them to the best advantage.

Basic HTML

Check out the cool music page. Lots of music you can put on your homepage. The simple html helps you to edit copy paste straight on to your page.


Check out the Other Bits And Pieces page. This contains lots of animated gifs I have found and are prtty awsome. this page will be updated alot. As soon as I find new pics that I think you would like to use I will put them up. Also if you have some you would like to add just email me.

Other Bits and Pieces


Well hello. Do you need to do your HL Page and haven't got a clue how to go about it. Well, I have collected a  few HTML codes over the few months I have been playing HL and I though hey, why not make this web site to help everyone. I have been asked numerous times to help someone with their page, but it does take a while and I can't help everyone so this site will help you to do it for yourself. Feel free to browse around, sign my guest book or contact me about anything. There are tons of cool links for HL, like cheat pages, a banner maker and the site i use to upload my own pics that I personalize.


I know, I hate rules but I know how nasty people can be on HL so these are a few simple rules for this site.

  • Please don't charge people HL money for this site address. This is a free service I have created for all you who need it. If I discover anyone is selling this site address I will ot hesitate in taking it off the web. This will be a shame as it will be a real help to people so don't ruin it for everyone else
  • Please don't copy this page. It has taken a long time to arrange this site and I would like the apprecaition I deserve.
  • If you do use this page I would appreciate a link back from your HL page. The music has a banner as a link. Please do not modify this. Anyone found altering these will cause this  site to be shut down, thus ruining it for everyone else. There are banners on my banner page which you are welcome to copy the HTML as a link banner too.

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About Me

Well, some things about me. I'm 20 and come from the UK. I worked with horses for 3 yrs when I left school, although I don't anymore. I have been playing HL for about 4 months now and got my premi and the begining of Feb. My stable name on HL is *Longwood Arabian Breeding Center*. As you may guess we breed Pure Arabian horses. We have some top stallys up for private stud from 2.7k-11.7k. Some are pure stores and have cheap stud fees.

Please get in touch with any comments or reactions to my site.