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Simply Horses

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Welcome to the horse site for all!

Everyone always wants to learn more about horses and whom better to learn from than other like minded people. I have designed this site so that we can all share our equine experiences with each other. Send me anything you want that you think would look good here and I will publish it. Do you write short stories or poetry? Good/Bad experiences with your equines you want to share? A question you think other people can help you with? Photos you think people would like to see? Then send it to me and I will put it here for all to see. I will add pages when they are needed. Check my Update Page to see whats to come. ENJOY!

Horses Horses Horses. Do you like riding? Do you enjoy just being around them? YES....then you have come to the right place. For years people have used the horse for loads of things. They were used by indians for hunting, for pulling carriages, the olden age car, and now in this era they are used for general pleasure. The fact is that the horses role in life has changed alot over the years, mostly for the better. Don't you just love them!!!

Please sign my guestbook with any comments or reactions you have to my site. You can also contact me privately. I love to get mail!

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This site is the best horse sim game I have come across on the net. You buy, breed sell and train you own 'horses'. I came across it accidently and have been addicted ever since. Check out my page dedicated to this site. And remember, it's all totally unreal! Click on the link below to take you to the HL game. You know you want to.


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